“I would like to sincerely thank Alex and Racheal for guiding me through a very difficult and embarrassing time in my life. At 49 I found myself at a complete loss of self, home and dignity after a difficult relationship breakdown. Alex and Rachel helped me through this most difficult time and truly respected my thoughts, feelings and heard my voice. I felt heard and supported. Most of all, I appreciated the focus on me and not my invoice, for which was very fair. My trillion questions were answered, my requests for meetings were quickly responded to. My emails were responded to in a timely and professional manner. Once again – I thank you both Alex and Rachael of WARDS LAWYERSPC for giving me back my life again and helping me move towards my future.”

Racheal Barker

Racheal Barker Family Law Clerk

Racheal Barker - Family Law Clerk


I was born and raised in the CKL and had always admired WARDS LAWYERSPC for their community involvement and business platform. When I decided to return to the CKL from Ottawa I knew that this was the only place for me.

Even after years of working in Family Law I have never met a team that is so knowledgeable about each area of law that they practice in. I have learned and experienced so much during my time at WARDS LAWYERSPC and it has provided me with the opportunity to grow in my career.

From my very first interaction with the WARDS LAWYERSPC team, I knew that this was a place that put the wants and needs of their clients above all else. This is a team that cares about their community and the people in it, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this team.

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Memorable Moment

I recently purchased my first home and used the Firm to represent my partner and I. When I came into the office on the day that our house purchase closed, everyone in the office was so excited and delighted that this major event was happening in my life and that they all got to be a part of it. That moment really solidified for me that the team at WARDS LAWYERSPC is more than just your run of the mill law Firm – they are like family.

A Message From Racheal

I have worked exclusively in Family Law since graduating from Carleton University in 2018. My experience stems from years of working as a Family Law clerk in Ottawa and now being able to be a part of the Family Law team at WARDS LAWYERSPC.

Going through a Family Law dispute is never easy and quite often it can be an overwhelming process. I aim to provide all of our clients with quick, reliable, and knowledgeable assistance in order to ensure that our clients feel confident, aware and informed at all times. Having an experienced and dependable team on your side can make an immense difference when involved with a Family Law matter and creates a sense of ease for clients.

Thank you, WARDS LAWYERSPC, for allowing me to be part of such a brilliant team.



WARDS LAWYERSPC – Family Law Clerk


Family Law Clerk in Ottawa, Ontario


Carleton University Law and Legal Studies

Community Involvement

  • Volunteering for the Cambray UCW
  • Continued involvement with the Cambray and Lindsay Women’s Institute
  • Working on expanding my community involvement repertoire

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