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A podcast about the law and lawyers. But not, per se, FOR lawyers. Sure, Wards Legal Matters does feature lawyers from one of Central Ontario’s leading law firms, participating in smart examinations and discussions about an oft-misunderstood topic – the law. But host Denis Grignon – who’s NOT a lawyer – guides the conversation in an engaging, entertaining manner, using clear language that everyone can understand and relate to.

You can find all episodes of Wards Legal Matters wherever your stream your favourite podcasts.

about the show

We’ll let you decide if the “matters” in Wards Legal Matters is a noun or a verb. Because both work well, don’t you think?

No matter where you stand on this hot button debate (okay, it’s not that hot), we’re confident everyone will agree on this much: Wards Legal Matters is a smart, professionally-produced – and entertaining! – show that examines law-related topics and issues, in easy-to-understand, accessible language.

Think of Wards Legal Matters as a show about the law – and those who practice it – for people who aren’t (necessarily) lawyers. It’s a show we offer, for free, because we believe it helps make our community better. And that, for us, really matters.

our guests

When you’re the largest law firm in the area, you’d better have the largest team
that has you covered with the widest array of legal services. Mission accomplished.

Our exceptional lawyers and law clerks come from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds, each with their own individual skills and methods of approaching the law.

This means we also have an extensive pool of unique, expert guests for Wards Legal Matters. Whether it’s an interview about preparing a will, when to involve the law in that dispute with the neighbour and their barking dog, determining if you have a case against that ‘former’ boss, or the difference between a justice of the peace and a judge – to name just a few examples – Wards Legal Matters has that covered, too.

our executive producer

Every ship needs a confident and calm navigator. So, too, does a professionally executed podcast.

Melissa Wemyss has that poised demeanor, steady set of hands on the wheel, charting the path for the show, guiding it towards and through new and compelling stories. Indeed, as Chief Executive Officer of Wards Lawyers, Melissa also knows a thing or two (or a gazillion) about how to keep a crew on task, and the ship sailing smoothly. (Now, how’s THAT for some fitting and creative metaphors, eh?). It’s that combination of leadership skills, nurtured during her two decades with Wards Lawyers, combined with a wealth of legal knowledge that Wards Legal Matters relies on to (wait for it) “stay on course.”


our host

There’s a lot more to hosting a podcast than simply hitting “record.” You have to be a skilled and trained interviewer, who knows how to research, prepare for, and guide a conversation.

It’s why we recruited Denis Grignon. A long-time resident of the City of Kawartha Lakes, Denis started his journalism career more than 30 years ago; his radio documentaries and newspaper articles continue to be featured across the country. It was especially appealing to us that Denis, while professing a long-held, deep fascination with the law, isn’t a lawyer. It means he can interpret complex legal topics and lawyer-speak (which, we confess, can sometimes be a bit, um, “wordy”) and present it all in a clear, relatable manner.

Wards Legal Matters is as light and entertaining as it is enlightening and informative. Here, too, Denis delivers, drawing on his three decades as a professional touring standup comedian. (Yup, you can Google him).

Denis Headshot

our music

We didn’t have to search long to find the perfect fit for the opening and closing themes for Wards Legal Matters, as well as the musical bridges that tie together each episode’s segments.

Singer-songwriter Sean Jamieson’s repertoire delivers polished, up-tempo music when we want it and quieter more reflective songs when a topic requires it.

Equally important to Wards Lawyers, and our commitment to community, we didn’t have to search far, either, to find such a versatile performer.

While Sean’s music is appreciated world-wide, the singer-songwriter’s home base is his hometown: Lindsay. Listen to Sean’s entire musical catalogue on your favourite streaming platform. Or heck! Catch him live when he’s performing on a stage near his home – and ours!


our consulting producer

Nancy Payne has been a magazine editor for 18 years, before which she was a producer for CBC Radio’s daily morning show in Ottawa. She is also a communication consultant specializing in helping corporate clients express themselves clearly and effectively. She holds a Master of Journalism from Carleton.

Nancy also has a long working relationship with Denis, whom she met when they both worked for the country’s public broadcaster  – which led to a personal relationship, relocating to her hometown of Reaboro, purchasing a farm in Dunsford and raising two (now adult) sons.

Nancy Headshot

our audience

Hey, that’s you!

We want this show to be for you and everyone else in our community. Got a story or interview idea you’d like us to explore? Then, please approach the bench to share it. Or send us an email at [email protected].

If we use it, we’ll even award you a nifty WARDS LAWYERSPC water bottle.

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