Our annual (non-exhaustive) tips to you and your family for a safe, fun and legally-prudent Christmas Day for 2015:

1)         On Christmas Eve after early bed time, apply a liberal, but discreet, thin layer of baby powder on the floor outside each childs room to discourage middle-of-the-night stocking snooping;

2)         When you retire on Christmas Eve to wait for Santa, fasten green painters tape plentifully between the newel posts at the top of the stairs to further discourage over-enthusiastic stocking visitation before Mom and Dad are up, dressed, coffeed-up and ready to go (enough to ensure a child cannot pass through the tape wall without sound and extensive effort);

3)         Turn over the toy gift and actually untie/unravel all of those annoying twist-ties holding your childs toy in its excessive plastic packaging dont try to jam scissors or a sharp knife in to that tight space to try to cut the ties where they wrap around the toy itself;

4)         Prevent your child (and husband/father) from testing the 9 volt battery for the new toy by pressing it on their tongue this has actually caused injury and emergency room visits;

5)         Take out all of the pins from your new shirt before trying it on;

6)         Avoid conveniently grabbing the sharp knife from the kitchen to cut open the hard plastic packaging for that toy take the time to find and use the correct tool, like scissors or a utility knife with a guard;

7)         Pick up the broken pieces of the hard plastic wrapping from the floor after the gift unwrap avoid the pieces getting lodged in a barefooted, housecoat-wearing, messy-haired family member;

8)         Read the Pot of Gold chocolate index before selecting there are reported cases of severe allergic reaction caused by mistakenly believing your choice was the cherry-filled (i.e., avoid the marzipan one);

9)         Dont carve the turkey after consuming three (3) alcohol drinks or more;

10)      Leave adequate space between you/your children and the Christmas tree branches when retrieving gifts under the tree eye lacerations are a common Christmas morning accident;

11)      Remind your elderly family members at the Christmas dinner to chew their meat thoroughly most Christmas mishaps often involve choking at X-Mas dinner;

12)      Ensure the zipper is drawn down before your enthusiastic child tries on that new jumper, coat or hoodie a common source of eye injury on the holiest of mornings; and

13)      Pull the knife across the avocado and twist it (to remove the stone), rather than stabbing down and prying it out there are recorded emergency room visits about this.

Merry Christmas, from WARDS PC LAWYERS!

This WARDSPC BLAWG is for general information only. It is not legal advice, or intended to be. Specific or more information may be necessary before advice could be provided for your circumstances.

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