Words cannot even begin to express how grateful we are to you and your team! We have been 100% confident in our decision to retain you as counsel and impressed with how quickly the matter was resolved. We are blown away by your legal expertise, integrity and professionalism. Sincere thanks.”

Gabrielle Fisher

Gabrielle Fisher Family Law Clerk

Gabrielle Fisher - Family Law Clerk


I had been a Family Law Clerk in Lindsay for 20 years before making a change by joining WARDS LAWYERSPC. My choice was easy – I respect this Firm’s integrity, reputation and the respectful way staff is treated. This Firm is on the leading edge for the latest in technology which makes it easier for me to do my job and to help clients. The team at the WARDS LAWYERSPC is a family and I love how active the Firm is in the community, specifically how aware and supportive they are of mental health issues. The team encourages growth, continued learning and skill development. I am incredibly grateful to have transitioned to this Firm.

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Memorable Moment

Not long after I started at WARDS LAWYERSPC we had a Firm event with team building games which included family members of the staff as well as the staff. We had to build “boats” out of cardboard and paddle them a set distance with 2 persons in them. I ended up in the lake (in my clothes) helping my team and then the children of one of the staff members make it to the finish line in their cardboard boat. The enthusiasm of everyone was contagious and made me feel like part of the team.

A Message From Gabrielle

I have felt incredibly welcome since the day I started at WARDS LAWYERSPC. I love the daily challenges I meet as a Family Law Clerk and there is rarely a dull moment. Every day there is something new and I look forward to coming to work. I have found it very rewarding working with the Family Law team here at WARDS LAWYERSPC and helping people make the often difficult transitions that come with family law matters.



WARDS LAWYERSPC – Family Law Clerk


Society for Creative Anachronism – Board of Directors, Director/Vice-Chairman


Russell Alexander Family Lawyer – Senior Family Law Clerk


Richard Taylor – Law Clerk


Olive Garden – Restaurant Manager

Community Involvement

  • WARDS LAWYERSPC Kids’ Road Hockey Tournament supporting kids’ mental health
  • Fostered rescue horses
  • Active in the local group of the Society for Creative Anachronism (not-for-profit history based organization dedicated to the active research and re-enactment)
  • Active in supporting not-for profit events especially those associated with Mental Health issues

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