Throughout my career, I have maintained a general practice and enjoy assisting my clients with a variety of legal issues. Today, I continue to help both my existing and new clients, focusing primarily on their estate issues and matrimonial matters.



“I would like to thank Wards Lawyers, and especially, Ryan O’Neill and Laura Horne for their handling of my brother’s estate. Their kindness and patience was greatly appreciated. The expert knowledge and professional guidance was very comforting during this process. The warm smile and pleasant greeting of Maria Francis made every visit a pleasure. THANK YOU to everyone at Wards Lawyers for a wonderful experience.”

Ryan O'Neill,

Ryan O'Neill, Lawyer

Ryan O'Neill, - Lawyer, Estates Team Leader


Why do I work here? I had been a lawyer for a few years in Lindsay. I decided to make a change by joining WARDS LAWYERSPC to help me become a better lawyer, not so much in terms of my expertise, but more about how I practice the law. This Firm and everyone who works here is very tech-driven, which continues to impress me. They tell me I have to actually become ‘paperless’ – I’m working on that 🙂 By using so much technology every day, this Firm serves its clients better, faster and often more cost-effectively, especially in terms of the ‘hard costs’ to provide legal services to our community. This is a change I needed to make and I’m glad I did.

The other reason? The people. Being a lawyer is a stressful job – there’s so much going on in any given day. The others who work at WARDS LAWYERSPC are so efficient and client-focused, it makes my day more manageable, leaving me more time to focus on my clients and their needs. Plus the lawyers and staff at WARDS LAWYERSPC are just nice people, making this an environment that I truly enjoy working and thriving in. This was the right decision for my family and I and I’ve never looked back.

Would I make the change if I had to decide all over again? You bet.

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Memorable Moment

On my first day at WARDS LAWYERSPC, they sat me down to a state-of-the-art new office, with all of the bells and whistles. Kind of like I joined NASA, really. I now have multiple monitors and can do everything from my desktop, both in the office and at home. They banned me from using my Dictaphone and told me I cannot have any paper in my office. I’m still quite shocked by it all, but now I see the value of what we do here and how we do it. I am still very impressed by how WARDS LAWYERSPC is dedicated to having cutting-edge technology for me to use, which allows me to do my job so much better, even though I occasionally miss my Dictaphone and paper. They even found the Dictaphone I had hid secretly in my desk!

A Message From Ryan

I truly enjoy being part of a team that not only strives to be the best, always, but is also dedicated to continually trying to enrich the lives of my neighbors, clients and the community generally. Everyone here is very personable, dynamic and excited to work here. You don’t see that very often. They provide me a place to work that helps me offer my expertise to my clients in a much faster, efficient and cost-effective way. Great Firm; great place to be.





Certified Collaborative Lawyer


Gemmill, Farn, and Reynolds LLP – Lawyer


University of Western Ontario – Law School


Trent University – Undergrad


Born and raised in Lindsay, Ontario

Community Involvement

  • Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation Board Member
  • Ontario Early Years Centre Board Member
  • Advisor to local NGOs and not-for-profits
  • WARDS LAWYERSPC Kids’ Road Hockey Tournament supporting kids’ mental health
  • WARDS LAWYERSPC Haunt Your Home
  • The Urban Syrup Project

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705-324-9273 ext. 1226

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