“Ryan was always available for advice as he guided me through the choices available and suggested the best course of action which resulted in my son staying with me on a full time basis. Kristina McCombe was the Family Law Clerk assigned to my matter. She approached every part of this matter professionally, with a thorough understanding of what was required. She answered any question quickly and eagerly. She is incredibly personable and set me at ease throughout the whole process.”

Kristina McCombe,

Kristina McCombe, Family Law Clerk

Kristina McCombe, - Family Law Clerk


Working alongside what I consider the best of the best each and everyday constantly provides me with the opportunity to grow personally and professionally and for that I am truly grateful. I admire WARDS LAWYERSPC for their dedication to the community, educating and assisting their fellow community members in any way possible. The excitement is still very much present when I come to work each day, just as it was on my first day at WARDS LAWYERSPC in 2018.

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Memorable Moment

Honestly, EVERY single special occasion at WARDS LAWYERSPC is memorable. If you don’t understand what I mean, please check out the WARDS LAWYERSPC Facebook page. This place really lights up on Halloween, Christmas, you name it. It is the only place I have worked that it is the norm to meet with the client’s all the while looking like Gomez Adams, or a Medieval Queen. How cool is that! Love it!

A Message From Kristina

I began at WARDS LAWYERSPC in 2018. I have worked almost exclusively in Family Law my entire career, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Going through the Family Law system can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. Being able to assist clients through this process and provide them with options on how to deal with their matters in a timely and cost-effective manner and pursuant to their goals, is a rewarding feeling. Having a great support team in your corner can make you an unstoppable force, and that is what you can expect from WARDS LAWYERSPC. Thank you WARDS LAWYERSPC for making me a part of such a phenomenal team.


2018 – Present

WARDS LAWYERSPC – Family Law Clerk

2014 – 2018

Kelly Greenway Bruce – Family Law Clerk

2012 – 2013

Ellen Nightingale Collaborative Family Lawyer – Family Law Clerk

2010 – 2012

Sir Sandford Fleming College – Law Clerk/Paralegal Dual Diploma

2005 -2007

Seneca College – Police Foundations

Community Involvement

  • WARDS LAWYERSPC Kids’ Road Hockey Tournament supporting kids’ mental health
  • Continuing involvement with not-for-profit organizations in the CKL
  • Working on expanding my community involvement repertoire

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