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If you are involved in litigation, we can help you. We provide trial services – it’s what we love to do. Litigation can be tough and gruelling – you need to play it smart and you need the best counsel. While every effort should be made to try to avoid Court litigation, sometimes it is necessary. Lawyer up, if you need to – consider us as your best choice.

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Calvin Chan,
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Monique Meloche,

Superior Court

The Superior Court of Justice is our trial-level Court. This is where most litigation takes place - at least initially. Claims in this Court must be $35,000 or more. Sometimes we also represent clients at the Ontario Court of Appeal (if there is an appeal from the outcome of the case at the Superior Court level). We also act as counsel in different types of non-Court tribunals and administrative bodies.

WARDS LAWYERSPC  offers one of the largest and most accomplished litigation and dispute resolution teams in the area.

We act for clients in virtually every kind of litigation (except criminal law cases - we'll refer you to someone else for that).

Here are some specific examples of the litigation services we offer:

  • shareholder and business-related disputes
  • construction liens, building-and-infrastructure-related claims
  • defamation (libel and slander)
  • property-related (constructive trusts, disputes about land, etc.)
  • commercial and contract disputes
  • collection (debts, etc.)
  • wrongful and constructive termination from employment
  • banking matters
  • estate matters (contesting a will; passing of accounts, etc., see below)
  • equity and human rights complaints
  • municipal liability
  • professional negligence
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • slips and falls
  • drainage and nuisance
  • property line disputes
  • intellectual property and information technology
  • corporate governance and securities
  • product liability
  • constitutional and public law
  • appeals
  • environmental

Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court has changed dramatically recently. Now, this Court handles claims of up to $35,000 (previously, it was $25,000 or less). There are certain types of cases that must be handled in the Superior Court, even if the claimed amount is less than $35,000. Generally, if you have claim for an amount (money or property) that is $35,000 or less, you must bring it to the Small Claims Court.

We represent clients in Small Claims Court for all kinds of different cases.

We also represent clients in residential and commercial tenancy matters, including before the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board.

Estate Litigation

Estate litigation is increasingly occurring. More people are experiencing disputes concerning estates and more of those people are resorting to the Superior Court to have the disputes resolved.

However, alternatives to estate litigation remain available, such as mediation or binding arbitration. They should always be considered before and after litigation is commenced.

We also specialize in estate planning for high net-worth individuals, including those with assets in multi-jurisdictions who may require specific and specialized estate planning.

Our expertise in estate-related matters also includes:

  • contesting a last will and testament
  • passing of accounts
  • beneficiary designation issues
  • constructive and other trust-based claims
  • administration auditing and review
  • spousal and insurance trusts
  • tax-related planning
  • multi-jurisdictional assets
  • pre-planning
  • preparation of wills and powers of attorneys
  • pre-litigation advice
  • beneficiary rights
  • trustee obligations and duties
  • will and testamentary interpretation
  • all other types of estate-related litigation

Your Complete Litigation Legal Team

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Calvin Chan,
Litigation Team Leader
Monique Meloche,
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Litigation Law Clerk
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