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At WARDS LAWYERSPC, we work hard to establish trusting, long-term relationships with our corporate and business clients. Our objective is to provide our business clients with the guidance they need to achieve continued profitability and efficient operations.

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Karissa Ward,
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Broghan Dean,
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Jessica Bolla,

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a small business owner or a company with plans to expand internationally, WARDS LAWYERSPC offers a complete range of business legal services designed to meet your needs.

WARDS LAWYERSPC practices in all aspects of business law, including start up of new businesses, purchases of businesses, sale of businesses, reorganization of an existing business, merging with another business, customizing your business in response to changing economic conditions and much more. Your business may be in need of assistance with contracts or regulatory compliance or acquisition or protection of its intellectual property rights - if so, you can turn to WARDS LAWYERSPC for assistance and advice.

We are pleased to help clients by providing:

  • Informed advice when making important company decisions
  • Strategic planning services
  • Support during negotiations and contract disputes
  • Business planning solutions (from conception to completion)
  • Representation during mergers and acquisitions
  • Ongoing legal guidance to protect your business’ bottom line

If you're in need of a business lawyer, contact us today to schedule your initial consultation. We also offer employment law advice and guidance - check out our Employment Law section, too.


There are generally three ways in which you may carry on a business: as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation. Incorporating your business is very common, for good reasons.

A corporation is a legal entity that has its own legal personality, distinct from its owners (called shareholders) and the individuals who manage and run its affairs and business (called directors and officers).

When incorporating provincially in Ontario, Articles of Incorporation are filed with the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch of the Ministry of Government Services (formerly the Ministry of Consumer and Business Services). Federal Articles of Incorporation are filed with the Corporations Canada Branch of the Department of Industry. The appropriate fee must be paid (outlined below) and the Articles of Incorporation must conform to the requirements and form used within the relevant jurisdiction.

The Articles of Incorporation contain information such as where the registered office of the corporation is located, the share structure of the corporation, the rights, privileges and conditions attached to each class of shares, the number of corporate directors and the restrictions, if any, on the transfer of shares and the type of business conducted by the corporation.


For most business owners, their business is their primary asset. Unfortunately, many business owners do not plan for the orderly succession of the business.

Whether it’s time to sell or transfer control from one generation to the next; we have extensive experience assisting with the transition of a business.

f you have been appointed as Estate Trustee of an estate, WARDS LAWYERSPC can assist you with all aspects of the administration of that estate, including, among other things:

We understand that the most effective succession plans are:

  • transparent
  • fair
  • flexible
  • prepared well in advance

At WARDS LAWYERSPC, we will help you address the different needs and abilities of prospective purchasers, family members, their new roles, departures, and disputes.

Working with you, we will help prepare for smooth, tax-effective transitions and help your business remain profitable for new owners and future generations.

Corporate Transactions

If you are planning to purchase an existing business or a business franchise, or if you are looking to sell a business to a new owner, you need an experienced lawyer to help ensure that the resulting transaction proceeds in line with your long-term best interests.

We will help you with:

  • Drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements and franchise agreements
  • Performing due diligence on financial statements and representations
  • Closing asset purchases under the Bulk Sales Act
  • Closing share and asset purchase transactions
  • Reviewing business contracts and partnership agreements
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating financing agreements

In addition to handling the purchase or sale of a business, WARDS LAWYERSPC can also assist you with other business transactions, contracts and documentation. From incorporation and business formation, to contracts with vendors and suppliers, we can help you with the transactions and contracts that affect your business every day.

Business Reorganization

At WARDS LAWYERSPC, we work with business owners to determine the best choice of entity for a new business, as well as to restructure an existing business. We can walk you through the pros and cons of the different business structures that are available and explain what will likely happen down the road depending on the choices you make.

To determine the best entity for a business, it is important to look at the structure of management, the roles for investors, the anticipated size, where revenue streams will come from, the tolerance for personal liability and any succession or exit strategy.

We can also help you draft or review a shareholder agreement, operating agreement, partnership agreement or buy-sell agreement.


A trade-mark is a name or symbol, like logos and brand names that help to distinguish the goods and services of others.

It must be capable of distinguishing your goods and services from those of your competitors. It can be words, logos or a combination of both. A trade-mark is any mark that distinguishes a product or service provided by one company from products or services provided by others. A trade-mark enables customers to easily recognize and identify your goods and/or services in the marketplace.

The creation and protection of your trademark is very important - trust our expertise and experience in this area of law. We will help you to ensure that your trade-mark is protected and meets your business and other needs.

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