“Resolving Grave Disputes”, by Jason Ward of WARDS LAWYERSPC, relates to the bereavement and funeral services sector in Ontario (as of 2018), and was initially presented at the 2018 Six-Minute Estate Lawyers’ conference in Toronto, Ontario on May 3, 2018.


Key topics include: the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 (Ontario); bereavement sector (and regulation); funeral services, pre-needs, pre-planning and bereavement service contracts; decision-making authority for the disposal of human remains; rules for burial and cremation; interment and scattering rights; duties to follow for the disposition of human remains, including to family members; payment for funeral and burial expense and potential sources of funding; consumer protection for grieving and vulnerable consumer of funeral and bereavement products and services; the role of the Bereavement Authority of Ontario; unclaimed and abandoned dead bodies; exceptions to the right to immediate possession of a dead body; role of the coroner and the Coroners Act (Ontario); the expressed wishes of the deceased person; the religious, spiritual and other beliefs of the deceased person and his or her family members; alkaline hydrolysis, green burial and other alternatives to traditional burial and cremation; possessory claims for DNA and genetic materials from a dead body; disinterment and restrictions; scattering human remains; funeral expense insurance.

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