The Health Unit recommends rethinking the usual door-to-door trick-or-treating this year due to COVID-19 concerns.

They encourage creative ways to celebrate at home.


However, if you do decide to do a little trick-or-treating this year………….

  • Individually wrap goodie bags and leave them out on a table or chair at the end of your walk or driveway.

  • Don't go trick-or-treating if feeling ill, even if symptoms are minor

  • Choose costumes that allow a non-medical mask to be worn underneath - make sure you can see and breathe comfortably

  • Minimize contact with others: trick-or-treat with your family or cohort, remain within your community, and stay 2 metres apart

  • Avoid touching doorbells or railings: call "trick or treat" from 2 metres away, knock instead of using doorbells, use hand sanitizer after touching surfaces

  • Wash hands and disinfect packages before eating candy


  • Don't hand out candy if feeling ill or isolating

  • Wear a non-medical mask that fully covers your nose and mouth

  • Ask trick-or-treaters to knock or call out instead of ringing the doorbell

  • Use tongs to hand out pre-packaged candy to avoid handling treats

Find creative ways to maintain distance from trick-or-treaters:

  • Hand out treats from your driveway or front lawn, if weather permits

  • Set up a table or desk to help keep yourself distanced

  • Make candy bags and space them out on a table or blanket; don't leave out self-serve bowls of bulk candy

  • Build a candy slide, candy catapult or other fun, non-touch delivery methods


  • Stay home if feeling ill, even if symptoms are mild

  • Spend time with people you know - the smaller the group the better

  • Choose games and activities that don't use shared items and allows people to stay 2 metres apart

  • Don't share drinks, food, cigarettes, vapes or cannabis

  • Host your party outdoors, if weather permits. If you must stay indoors:

  • reduce your gathering size (max is ten people indoors; 25 outdoors)

  • choose a location that allows for physical distancing between people from separate families and cohorts

  • provide hand sanitizer

  • Wash or sanitize your hands often

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