Line ups are increasing outside our essential services, particularly grocery stores. 

Here an updated list of grocery store protocol, per all of the recommendations made to date by the federal and provincial governments and health officials, including the Health Unit.  

  1. follow the containment measures implemented by the essential service, including the waiting outside to enter, one-way arrows, standing on the taped distance lines, etc.;
  2. always engage in the ‘hockey stick’ rule (i.e., physical distancing of two metres; six feet), including with essential workers;
  3. only one family member should attend the essential service, not more;
  4. wear your non-medical (cloth) mask, primarily to protect others from you, if you may be asymptomatic;  
  5. only buy groceries, get gas, get your drugs, etc. no more than one per week; no social browsing or shopping – if possible, limit it to once bi-weekly;
  6. do not attend with your own bags or containers;
  7. minimize any chit-chat and social interaction with any other customers or essential service workers; no gathering; no idle talking;
  8. adhere to all COVID-19 containment measures, including coughing, if necessary, into your elbow, washing your hands thoroughly immediately before and after you attend the essential service;
  9. minimize your time in the essential service – prepare and take a list in advance; no browsing;
  10. importantly, do not vent to the essential workers – they are endangering themselves to help you; none should be exposed to ridicule, criticism, complaints or general frustration;
  11. thank every essential worker you see, if possible – just a quick, “Thank you for everything” – no need to engage in a discussion;
  12. if possible, consider providing a tip to an essential worker and, if so: a) strictly physically distance; and b) provide the cash tip in an envelope and lay it at the counter only; and
  13. be civil, respectful, polite, courteous and cordial to everyone, particularly the essential workers, as you would at any time before the onset of this pandemic.

Altruism and comity must triumph; it is how we will overcome this crisis.

Thank you for reading this - Jason Ward of WARDS LAWYERS PC.

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