Due to the provincial shutdown, effective on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 11:59 p.m., if you are laid off or cannot be employed remotely, here is a Quick Reference Guide to the income and other supports available to you during this emergency: 


If you are laid off due to work closures:

If you are facing reduced work hours:

If you are facing unemployment AND you don’t qualify for EI:

  • Apply for the Emergency Support Benefit (long-term income support)

  • Applications will open in April through the CRA Web site and a toll-free number

  • Amounts and eligibility are not announced yet (total funding is $5 billion)

If you are unable to work due to illness/self-quarantine:

If you are self-quarantined and ineligible for EI:

  • Apply for the Emergency Care Benefit

  • Applications will open in April through the CRA website and a toll-free number

  • Up to $900 every 2 weeks for up to 15 weeks

  • No doctor’s note required

If you are self-employed:

  • Apply for the Emergency Care Benefit (see above)

If you are staying home to care for someone:

  • Apply for the Emergency Care Benefit (see above) if you are staying home to take care of a family member with COVID-19 who doesn’t qualify

  • Apply for the Emergency Care Benefit (see above) if you are a parent staying home to care for children due to school closures, whether or not you qualify for EI


  • NOTE: Tax filing deadline has been extended to June 1, payments due August 31

  • Low to middle income Canadians: GST credit top-up (average of $400 for single adults, $600 for couples) available as soon as May 2020

  • Families: Enhanced Canada Child Benefit this year (additional $300 per child)

  • Homeowners: Deferral of mortgage payments for affected Canadians by up to 6 months (disruptions to your pay interruptions to child care, or unexpected health needs)

  • Students: Freezing all Canada Student Loans payments and interest for 6 months (average savings $160 per month)

  • Seniors: Reducing mandatory withdrawal from RRIFs by 25%

  • Indigenous: New $305 million Indigenous Community Support Fund

  • Vulnerable Population: Additional $50 million available to shelters and centres for women and children fleeing domestic violence


Call 1-888-COVID19/1-888-268-4319 for non-medical information on the virus, covering everything from travel recommendations to social distancing (available in more than 110 languages from 7:30am – 8:00pm, 7 days a week)

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